Advancements in Sports Medicine

Cutting-edge therapies are pushing the envelope in sports medicine and offering exciting new ways to rehab, revive and regenerate joints, tendons and ligaments.


You May Be A Bonehead!
Within the hollows of your bones, your marrow is busy making red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and creating pluripotent stem cells. This type of stem cell has the ability to mature into different types of cells/tissues as needed (and commanded) by the body. By removing a patient’s own stem cells from their bone marrow and injecting them into an injured joint, doctors are able to put stem cells to work directly at the point where they are needed.

The first clinic to offer stem cell-based musculoskeletal therapy in the United States is run by Chris Centeno, MD, an international expert and specialist in regenerative medicine, and John Schultz, MD, an interventional pain management specialist, who is the co-medical director with Centeno of the Centeno-Schultz Medical Center in Broomfield, Colorado (near Boulder). These two doctors have been pushing the envelope in their work, injecting stem cells so they transform themselves into cartilage to repair knee and hip joints along with repairing tendon/ligament damage for common rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder joint. Dr. Centeno said, “[We are] doing through injection what used to be done with surgery.” This exciting new therapy precludes surgery and helps you skip out on a lengthy and painful rehab program. In fact, patients are often back in the swing of things in just days!


If you are an extreme athlete or just a klutzy one, you might also consider banking your stem cells. When you are healthy and strong, you can have your stem cells removed, preserved and banked for when you need them. You can do more research to find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy instead of joint replacement and download a free copy of Dr. Centeno’s treatise, Orthopedics 2.0: How Regenerative Medicine Will Create the New Generation of Non-Invasive Medicine, at

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