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Barber Trims 100 Pounds and Gets a Whole New Look

As a skilled barber, Tristan Gutierrez makes his living helping other people look their best. But, until last year, the 21-year-old was rather unhappy...

Consistency is the Key to Your Results

By now, most of us are aware that without consistency in our actions, we’ll not reach our goals. The real challenge lies in determining...
protein shake

5 Slimming Protein Shakes To Get You Ready for Summer!

Summer is around the corner and it could be intimidating rocking your swimwear if you’re lacking confidence. It’s never too late to start straightening-up...
kayaking, fit destinations

Train Now for Your Summer Fitness Adventure

Summer is almost here, and as they say, summer bods are made in the winter. However, what the saying doesn’t include is that summer...
home gym

How To Build Your Dream Home Gym

Working out at home is the ideal scenario for individuals up and down the country. With the average gym membership costing $58 a month and 67...

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