5 Adventure Sports To Try STAT


Reach New Heights
Leave acrophobia behind and rock climb! This sport challenges individuals to climb rocky surfaces, whether it be a granite wall, a sandstone tower or a summit. Some ideal climbing locations include Yosemite Valley in California (where you can park 10 minutes from a wall that takes days to reach top) and the North Cascades National Park in Washington, which contain some of the largest glaciers in the contiguous United States. “Beginners should start on easy scrambles that are not so steep, but have lots of steps,” said Tino Villa, an international mountain guide for Mountain Madness, with first ascents to his name in the Cascades, Alaska and Himalaya. “More advanced climbs would be steeper, vertical to overhang, offering less options for footholds and handholds.” Required equipment includes rock shoes, chalk and a chalk bag. Rope, helmets, carabineers, a belay device and anchor material may also be required. “Climbing is both a physical and mental challenge,” said Villa. “You’ll feel it in your forearms but also in muscles you never knew existed as you test your physical limits, accessing places humans were not meant to go.”

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