5 Ways To Avoid Diet Distractions

Karey Northington, Team Max Athlete

What is one to do if temptation lurks at every corner when you’re trying to diet? I want to give you my top five tips to help alleviate some of the frustration involved with being around others who do not have the same dieting goals that you do.

1. Do not restrict your favorite foods from your diet.

When I used to eat clean, I cut out my favorite foods entirely. Deprivation over time greatly increases your chances of having a binge. Your diet should resemble something you could adhere to for the rest of your life. Obviously you won’t have to be in a caloric deficit for the rest of your life, but you want to lose the weight in a way that you could see yourself eating down the road. If you can’t imagine life without pasta, it isn’t a good idea to cut pasta out while you are dieting. I have small amounts of the things I can’t live without while I am dieting and those include dark chocolate, Starbucks Frappes, pancakes, and Oreos. I don’t buy full packages of Oreos and typically will just pick up a single serve package to satisfy my cravings without leaving an opportunity to go overboard.

2. Do not place yourself directly in front of any treat or food that you find appetizing for long periods of time.

For example, stay away from the buffet table. No one has infinite willpower. I strategically place myself away from where all of the food and snacks are at parties as there is no need to take it to the next level with self inflicted torture.

3. Eat a high protein snack that is low in carbs and low in fat before you go out to a dinner with friends and family that have a YOLO approach to ordering out.

Put a little extra fiber supplement in a scoop of whey isolate. Protein and fiber will help you feel full. Being overly hungry in front of an endless amount of calorically dense food is a recipe for disaster. This tip is coming from someone who has eaten an entire cookie cake after a competition. If you do have something sugary, pair it with protein to prevent a blood sugar spike and dip that will leave you craving more sweet treats.

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4. Keep in mind that whatever you cannot consume today, you can consume in the future.

Food will always be there. I try to remember that every restaurant meal or event is not my last meal (God willing). Choose some of your favorite items and pass on others knowing if you still really want one of those avoided items tomorrow you can fit that in your daily macronutrient allotment. If I’m stuck deciding between a chocolate chip cookie or a half a cupcake, I pick one. The next day, if I’m still thinking about that chocolate chip cookie, I’ll have it.

5. Find an accountability buddy.

When I go out while I’m actively dieting with my husband or with friends, I ask them to help me stay on track if I start to stray. Enlisting loved ones for support  and having a coach online for accountability has always made dieting easier for me.

You can do anything you set your mind to. There is always a way. You can overcome any obstacle and are more powerful than you could ever imagine. The only thing holding you back is yourself. The more you practice self love and believing in your abilities, the more confident you will feel when you are surrounded by dieting distractions.

I guarantee an increase in your ability to avoid diet distractions if you utilize these five tips. I challenge you to put these in effect for 30 days, one at a time, and see how they change your life. When making habit changes, it is best to focus on small changes one by one to ensure success. When you attempt to do a complete overhaul of everything you’ve been doing for years, you are more likely to fail than if you take things one habit at a time.  Baby steps to changing your life.

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By Karey Northington