8 Muscle-Building Foods

Muscle gains don't just happen on the gym floor. Feed your muscles the right foods!


Strength training is important for muscle growth and definition, but if you want to look toned and fit, remember the old adage, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Certain nutrient-rich foods can help you sculpt a lean physique by boosting blood flow to the muscles and helping with recovery after a workout. We’ve done the research to give you the eight best foods to eat for muscle definition.

1. Avocado
Heart-healthy fats containing omega-3 fatty acids such as avocados can keep you svelte because your body would rather use them for fuel than store them as fat.

A 2014 study published in the journal Diabetes found that subjects who consumed unsaturated fats (like those found in avocados) accumulated less belly fat than those who ate similar diets and used oils derived from saturated fat sources.

How to eat: Mash half an avocado and spread on whole-grain toast. Finish with a little freshly ground pepper for a great breakfast or snack.

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