Personal Accountability: Are You Committed To Your Word?


accountabilityHow many times have you pledged to do something only to not live up to your word or your commitment? It’s happened to me more times than I would like to admit!

Personal accountability shapes our persona. It’s a requirement for life advancement. It shows the world that we are willing to personally take ownership for understanding and accepting a task, take actions to achieve the task, and stand by the results obtained, regardless of the outcome.

Athletes like myself deal with accountability all the time. A coach outlines and customizes a specific training schedule and diet for us and we, in turn, are held accountable to follow the regime in order to obtain specific desired results. However, what causes us to say yes to the request, only to falter down the road? We don’t intentionally set out to fail.

The answer?? COMMITMENT! Until a person is committed, there can be tendencies to hesitate or draw back. Once you’ve committed to the task, however, things become more streamlined, more focused, and more clear. The end result seems much more real and attainable.

What are some ways that we can make sure that we succeed at any given task?

  1. Take ownership! People who have a solid work ethic and character take responsibility for the work that they do. This means that they make a personal choice to take on a task, see the results, own it, do it and solve it regardless of what circumstances may lurk along the way.
  2. Commit to the task. Once you’ve willingly (not forced) decided to take on an endeavor, you make a personal commitment to yourself to take ownership to see the task fully completed. Committing to a task can be the easy part of the equation. What’s tough is staying committed throughout the course of action. So many different variables may come into play that hinder our progress. If this happens, recognize the obstacles and tackle them head on before they disrupt the entire course.
  3. Focus! When I start prepping for a bikini competition, I put my blinders on and my peripheral vision is narrowed. My diet gets stricter, I eat out less, I eliminate tempting foods and situations that might derail my program. It’s the same with anything else. The more focused you are about achieving a goal or completing a project or assignment, the higher the success rate. If you allow too many variables to influence your path, the more likely you are to falter or fail to achieve the task at hand.
  4. Recovery. The best laid out plans can suffer consequences. First and foremost, don’t give up! It’s OK! Some of the best outcomes have resulted from obstacles, detours, and delays. First, take a breath! Then take a moment to assess and reassess! Holding yourself accountable to completing a task may involve changing courses. Recognize this and don’t become a victim placing blame where it doesn’t belong,

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Make no mistake about it! Personal accountability can be tough. Opening yourself up to explain your actions to others can be humbling at times. However, you cannot achieve any worthwhile personal or professional goals if you don’t go that extra mile or hold yourself accountable along the way.

Powerful learning opportunities are always present in these situations to empower us and make us better at not only handling our own lives but also making a difference in the lives of others! Be responsible. Commit to the task. Focus on your actions. Set an example and your success and your personal accountability will flourish!

By Helen Fritsch, IFBB Pro