Cleanse & Lean and Emerge for a Leaner You


Summer and swimsuit season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep working on YOU. If you want to lose weight, have more energy, detox your body, and just feel better, then Max Muscle Nutrition has you covered – with Cleanse & Lean and Emerge!

weight loss, detox, What IS Cleanse & Lean?

People have been doing variations of cleanses, fasts, and health ‘resets’ for thousands of years because of the myriad of health, fitness, and mental benefits. While the word ‘cleanse’ has a nasty connotation with overpromising, underdelivering, and low rent science in most health spheres, it’s important to know the facts and real science behind cleanses.

Cleanse & Lean is NOT a fad/trend cleanse. No. In fact, it’s a sophisticated formulation that serves as a nutritional tool to literally assist in excavating waste and toxins from your body via the digestive tract. The reality is that in the modern world, no matter how clean you eat, you will accumulate some excess of toxicity from your food and environment. This elevation in toxins can overload your body’s natural elimination and detoxification mechanisms, which can compromise your ability to be healthy, fit, and sport your best physique.

Cleanse & Lean contains a targeted blend of unique herbs and other natural ingredients to assist in eliminating excess water retention and bloating, promote healthy digestion, and drive unwanted waste and impurities out of your system.

What IS Emerge?

If Cleanse & Lean is something of a reset button, Emerge is the accelerator to fast track your fat loss results, while providing boosts of energy, mental focus, and in-gym performance! Emerge is a powerful body composition-enhancing system in a tasty, convenient, drinkable format!

Emerge contains a blend of herbs and other ingredients to stimulate metabolic thermogenesis (caloric burn), as well as up-regulate the lipolysis pathway (fat burning pathway), two mechanisms of physique transformation.

Emerge concurrently has natural ingredients to support your cognitive fitness and energy levels to provide additional pulses of energy during the day and your workout, alike.

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What Results Are People Seeing?

Both Emerge and Cleanse & Lean have been around for years. Each boasts a litany of satisfied users with results that speak for themselves!

weight loss

“As a mom of two young boys, I’m running on fumes most days and need the extra push to help keep me going and give me the little extra energy needed to have a great workout,” said Kim Marlow, 33, a customer at Max Muscle Nutrition in Corona, Calif. “Emerge has been a life changer for me. It helps with my appetite as well! I drink it about 30 minutes before my workout and I can feel the difference in my energy levels. On days that I don’t have time for the gym, I still drink it to get me past the 2 p.m. slump.

“Along with Emerge, I also take Cleanse & Lean,” Kim continued. “That helps me a lot with the extra bloating I have and it helps keep me regular without any side effects!

weight lossVanessa Nelson is a fitness trainer and mom of two young boys. “Finding a good fat burner that you feel is safe to take is no easy feat. Most fat burners I’ve tried make me grumpy, but not Emerge,” she said. “Emerge has the complete opposite effect. Not only does it burn fat and put me in a better mood, it gives me a safe dose of energy to get through the day. I’ve shared and gifted this product to all of my mommy friends and we now lovingly refer to it as “mom juice.” It’s a lifesaver when it comes to parenting kids with endless energy and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it now.”

These are but a couple examples of customers who are experiencing great results. Are you in line to be the next success story?

How Do I Make This Work For Me?

A successful transformation in your health and fitness involves synergy between your lifestyle and these nutritional support tools. This translates into a few subsets of items to take note of for best practice and best results!

Emerge and Cleanse & Lean CAN be taken together safely and for best results. Both co-support the effect of one another and will supply you with allies in your quest for a happy, healthy physique this summer!

To truly give you the best chance for success, it’s important to consider real lifestyle adjustments as your solid foundation. Be sure you’re eating quality food from quality sources in reasonable amounts, keeping up your hydration with clean water, and reducing your overall toxic load from environmental factors, stress, and food. Keep up with a regular activity level and training regimen. Prioritize restoration, downtime, and sleep. You can’t outrun a bad foundation, no matter how hard you try.

Thankfully now, we can use tools like Cleanse & Lean and Emerge to rapidly accelerate our results for a healthy, happy fitness level this summer and build off of a quality foundation of health! Stop by your local Max Muscle Nutrition store or go to to try these potent tools for yourself!

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By Matt Cooper, CFNC