Do I Really Need To Take Vitamins?

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Is it possible to get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need in a changing world from purely whole food? In this day and age, poor farming, poor crop rotation, processing issues, genetic modifications, and an abundance of pesticides have left many questioning whether or not a once-simple endeavor is even possible.

While Max Muscle Nutrition is a whole foods-first company with a strong belief in the art and science of the fundamentals, we also felt a need to address this issue and adapt to the reality of our times. Optimal health and fitness are our top priorities, the Vit-Acell prototypes are a distillation of this belief: whole foods-based, top quality, with maximum bioavailability, which are three keys to netting your nutrient needs in the modern world.

Let’s take a look at Max Muscle Nutrition’s Vit-Acell prospects:

What Is Vit-Acell?

Vit-Acell is a high potency, delicious way to help meet your daily nutrition needs in a liquid, whole food format. Boasting key micronutrients, antioxidants, and all 13 essential vitamins and over 15 major, trace and ultra-trace minerals, Vit-Acell delivers you exactly what you need to support optimal health and wellness, athletic performance, recovery, and physique remodeling. If health drives fitness, then Vit-Acell is the conductor of our focused nutrition systems.

Vit-Acell is a pioneer in multi-nutrient supplementation with its unique formulation and delivery system, representing an advancement in the way you take your daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Via a proprietary delivery system, Vit-Acell gives you a high potency, great tasting way to load your micronutrients. With 100 percent or more of the daily value of key vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Vit-Acell stands strong as a solid nutritional foundation.

What Is Vit-Acell Used For? Why Take It?

Health is wealth – whether we are talking about quality of life or merely driving your other goals in the fitness, physique, and/or athletic performance realm – health is the anchor from which everything flows. Not everyone in the fitness and athletic performance arenas truly get that. The reality is that even if your goals are yolked to outcomes on the court or in the gym, by starting with supporting the fundamental pillars of optimal health via diet, supplementation, and other routines, you are making a much more significant dent in your performance than if you start with performance/fitness supplements.

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“Fundamental health and wellness sets the stage for performance,” maintains health and fitness coach, Preston Campbell, 60, of Huntington Beach, CA. Optimal health, health restoration, longevity, immunity, quality of life are the guides and performance, fitness, and physique are destinations along the way. By providing the requisite nutrients, Vit-Acell helps you with the entire, panoramic picture.

Who Can Use Vit-Acell?

Anyone looking to optimize their health, fitness, and athletic performance is a ripe candidate for Vit-Acell. Those seeking health optimization, restoration, and overall wellness will enjoy its potent, broad-stroke array of nutrients, as well as its efficient delivery system. Athletes looking for performance enhancement will love seeing their on-field performance improve by supporting their overall health systems. Those looking to add lean body mass, drop body fat, and improve their overall level of fitness will be supported by the nutritional foundation Vit-Acell provides. That’s right, Vit-Acell is meant for everyone!

What Are The Options?

A staple of Max Muscle Nutrition for more than 10 years, Vit-Acell now comes in many options. Currently, Vit-Acell is offered in a sugar-free format to deliver you the highest quality nutrition without unwanted sugars. Sugar-free chocolate strawberry, pina colada, raspberry lemonade, and citrus blast round out the delicious, nutrient-dense, sugar-free offerings.

A new addition to this potent lineup is Vit-Acell Citrus Breeze, featuring a naturally-sweetened nutrition delivery system, designed to help you optimize your health and wellness. With precisely zero artificial sweeteners (or artificial ingredients of any kind), Vit-Acell Citrus Breeze is your natural source for nutritional support!

“Vit-Acell is super tasty. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure my body is getting everything it needs,” says Carly Stahn, 31, of Des Moines, Iowa.

There you have it. Vit-Acell not only supports your health, wellness, fitness, and performance, it is meant for just about everyone, but also comes in a variety of high quality, tasty options! Give it a shot and let us know what you think and how it helps support your goals!

Want to taste Vit-Acell for yourself? Visit your local Max Muscle Nutrition store and ask for a free sample!!

By Matt Cooper