Eat These Five Foods for Better Sports Performance


The news is out, and it’s been discovered that the 2017 consumer is more educated and more nutrient-savvy than ever before. No longer are we satisfied to take a package at face value and believe what it claims. We’re more apt to read the details, to discover the purpose behind a food, how it can make us feel, and how it may improve our health. With that being said, a common goal among many fitness enthusiasts is boosting sports performance. So, we’re here to help by sharing the top food and nutrient trends making headlines this year for their performance-enhancing benefits.

This delectable purple root vegetable has been making headlines for years now, touted by endurance athletes as the next best thing to a “drug” for boosting performance. Research is substantiating the claims that beet juice can give you a competitive edge. The secret to beets’ boost is found in its nitrate content. Beetroots’ nitrates are the precursor to a well-known supplement, nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has vasodilator properties to enhance blood flow and skeletal muscle function. Studies have shown that 300mL of juice, or about one shot of concentrated beet juice, has been shown to improve performance. No additional benefits were seen at amounts of 600mL. Juices and powders are available in supplement form that allow a larger concentration of nitrates than consuming the food itself.

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