Five Surprising Health Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight!

“Losing weight is not unlike being an ER doctor, a pilot, an accomplished musician or a school teacher. The problem is, until we learn how to do something (like lose weight) and actually go through the process of changing our lifestyle, nutrition and habits, and we get to the other side where we’ve accomplished that weight loss, we don’t realize that we can do it….”

–Richard Kelley, MD, author of The Fitness Response

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Looking for a new plan of action to shed that weight once and for all? Whatever you do, don’t turn to fad diets that may cause you to lose weight very quickly. When you lose weight rapidly, you’re losing muscle as well as fat. This may actually cause health problems, said Steven Masley, MD, president of The Masley Optimal Health Center, and author of 30-Day Heart Tune Up: A Breakthrough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. “Abnormal weight loss may actually worsen blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular risk,” he added.

One fad diet gone wrong was “The Last Chance Diet,” created by Dr. Roger Linn, who published a book by the same name in 1976. One of the first liquid protein diets, the Last Chance Diet consisted of drinking Prolinn, a low-quality protein drink derived from the hooves and hides of slaughterhouse animals. Unfortunately, some 60 sudden deaths occurred as a result of this diet, thought to be due to abnormal heart rhythms that resulted from shrinkage of heart muscle and electrolyte imbalances.

Most health experts believe that the key to safe weight loss is taking it off slowly (one to two pounds per week), which preserves lean muscle while losing fat mass. Even better, said Dr. Masley, is actually gaining muscle mass while losing fat mass – something that can be accomplished with a combination of healthy eating and increased physical activity.

By Linda Hepler, BSN, RN

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