Get Fit in 2018!

Claudia Virgil, Bikini Competitor and Team Max Athlete

A New Year is upon us and one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is losing weight. How many times have you started on a goal and found yourself falling off track much sooner than expected? One of the biggest reasons why this happens is that more often than not the goals being set are unrealistic or the plan doesn’t have structure. This takes you way out of your comfort zone and you can’t follow through.

A great way to stay motivated throughout your journey is by breaking your resolution down into smaller achievable steps. By celebrating your achievements on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, short-term goals allow you to feel more accomplished

For example, if your goal is to shed 20 pounds of fat, don’t set your mind on achieving this in only a matter of a month. A more obtainable timeline would be losing 0.75-1 pound per week, making this about a 5- to 6-month goal. Celebrate your progress every couple of weeks, as this will be a great boost to your motivation.

If you did not reach the exact goal you planned, don’t let this get you down, any progress is still progress! Allowing yourself more time also minimizes stress and the pressure of achieving something too large, keeping better life balance. After all, you don’t want to give up your social life because you’re on a “strict diet.” Whatever your goal is (i.e. muscle gain, endurance, strength) the same concept can be applied. For the best advice on meal plans and nutrition, stop by your local Max Muscle Nutrition store and speak with a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

Another big factor that can derail you is time. Between family, work, and house duties, finding the time can be a challenge. Anything that can make you more efficient in saving time will also keep the stress level down. Convenience is key, so I’ve provided you with three workouts that can be done right at home with minimal equipment or even at the gym! This regimen covers all body parts in a small amount of time. You may space these throughout your week to accommodate your schedule.

While diet is 80 percent of the battle in losing weight, exercise should not be overlooked. In fact, a recent study of The Biggest Loser contestants found that exercise plays a major factor in keeping the weight off. Plus, doing body-weight resistance training helps build lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day, even while sitting!


Do 3 rounds x 12-15 reps (if using dumbbells)
Do 3 rounds x 18-20 reps (no dumbbells, body weight only)

1. Thrusting lunges
2. Squats
3. Side walking squats
4. Reverse lunge knee-up
5. Plank foot taps (15 each side)

NOTE: Workout may be performed with dumbbells, pre-loaded barbells, bands, or your own body weight.

Do 3-4 rounds x 12-15 reps

1. Pushups
2. Bent-over back row
3. Standing shoulder press
4. Lying (floor) chest press
5. Bent over rear delt fly
6. Bicep curls
7. Triceps bench dips

Get your timer ready! Perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds (depending on fitness level) for a total of 3-4 rounds. You may rest 2-4 minutes after each round.

1. Burpees
2. Frog jumps
3. Skiers
4. Lateral hops
5. Jog in place

NOTE: Cardio regimen may be performed an additional day to increase calorie burn. If this workout puts too much stress on your joints, try taking cardio outside. Go for a brisk walk or jog/walk intervals!

By Claudia Virgil

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