How To Build Your Dream Home Gym


Working out at home is the ideal scenario for individuals up and down the country. With the average gym membership costing $58 a month and 67 percent of membership holders never attending the gym, it’s no surprise that many are choosing to keep fit and healthy by utilizing home gyms. So, what do you need to create the perfect workout space in your own home?

Budgeting for Your Home Gym

A state of the art home gym can cost thousands of dollars, so you’ll likely need to save or budget for one in advance. However, it is possible to set up a basic and functional workout area for less than $100. For those keen to ditch their gym membership and get started at home quickly, raising or borrowing funds could be the perfect solution. Taking out a personal loan will give you immediate access to the cash required to build an in-home fitness area, which can be used day or night. Alternatively, you could save for one piece of equipment at a time and gradually build your gym over a period of months.

Finding the Ideal Space

Your home gym will take up a considerable amount of space. Therefore, it’s essential you create it in a spacious area of your home which allows for room between the equipment and where wires do not pose a trip hazard. Many people choose to use their spare room, and, garages are a popular choice, too. You could even build an extension in your backyard to keep your gym in if you have limited space in your property but have plenty of land. Wherever you decide to build your gym, ensure you can easily access everything and get in and out of the room with no issues. You’ll need to be able to maneuver around too as your gym will require regular cleaning to ensure optimum hygiene.

Choosing Equipment

Once you’ve got your finances and location of your gym sorted, it’s time to go shopping for fitness kit. It’s recommended you choose a range of items that target different areas of the body and have some which focus on aerobic fitness and others to build resistance. And, if you’re limited on space, opt for versatile pieces that have multiple uses. A treadmill, dumbells, stationary bike, and fitness balls all offer a great workout, therefore, it’s worth investing in these items. However, make sure you select apparatus that you like using and will utilize. It’s worthwhile installing a ceiling fan in your home gym, too, to keep you cool when working out. And, make sure you’ve got a means to play your favorite workout tracks to keep you motivated.

A home gym is a cost-effective way to get fit whenever the mood takes you. Before creating your dream workout area, you should budget and plan carefully and review your available space. Then, you can select your preferred equipment and start working out in the comfort of your own home.

By Jane Sandwood