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Cleanse & Lean
Have you ever tried a cleanse before? Was it easy to do? Were the results worth the suffering? Did you perhaps gain back weight lost during the cleanse?

Cleanse & Lean by Max Muscle Nutrition is the premier non-invasive cleanse, developed especially for your needs! It is one of the most effective products on the market with multifunctional benefits, including weight loss and digestive health. Gone are the days of sipping on nothing but lemon juice, cayenne, and syrup (a common cleanse regimen)! Not only have these cleanses proven to be damaging on the body’s metabolism and lean muscle tissue, they haven’t even been proven to work. Instead of putting your body through something unnecessary with unproven results, why not try a safe, effective solution? Enter Cleanse & Lean.

What Is It?
Cleanse & Lean is a blend of herbs and fiber, designed to cleanse out the digestive tract of unwanted build-up of waste that collects over time.  Ingredients like dandelion root, horsetail, and barberry will provide a reduction of bloating via a safe, natural diuretic effect.  Ingredients such as slippery elm bark, senna, fennel, aloe vera extract, cascara, turkey rhubarb, and psyllium husk fiber all help to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Who Is It For?
Cleanse & Lean was developed with a few demographics in mind with lots of potential overlap within these groups. For one, anyone looking to lose weight and reveal abdominal definition could benefit from Cleanse & Lean’s slimming effects. Furthermore, it can aid in reduction of excess bloating via its water-loss effects, spurred in large part by the dandelion root. Cleanse & Lean can also act as an excellent starting point for anyone looking to achieve a ‘blank slate’ status for their health in terms of ridding the body of excess unwanted waste. Anyone looking to add additional forms of fiber into their diet for digestive health may benefit as well.

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If one or more of these effects sounds like it could be beneficial for you, it may be time to give Cleanse & Lean a try. A research article, “Using Herbal Remedies to Maintain Optimal Weight,” by Koithan, concluded that, “herbs as food or whole plant formulations can assist with weight loss through modification of stress, support for healthy gastric and elimination function, and promotion of normal metabolism. Herbs used as food, quality teas, or as herbal medicines are ways practitioners can incorporate herbs in therapeutic lifestyle changes for weight loss.”

What Are People Saying? 
“I train hard and have always eaten relatively clean and used to get so frustrated at how my six-pack was still hiding. My body is super sensitive to carbs and sodium, so when I was introduced to Cleanse & Lean I was really excited to try it. Best decision I ever made! This product not only helped digestion but it helped me flush my water weight regularly and sure enough…there are my abs!” – Kristin Dawson, 32, Acworth, GA.

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