Recovery Never Tasted So Good. Try This Recipe!

Post-Racing Meals That Strengthen and Heal!


Intense, rigorous, uncompromising, tough … these are the words that describe adventure racing, CrossFit, triathlons, ultra-running, and more high performance sports competitions. The process of preparing for competition includes focused workouts, simulated race experiences, dedication, and a solid nutrition program designed to energize, restore, and repair.

Whether it’s training day or race day, pre-endurance activities require fuel-efficient foods such as sweet potato, quinoa, sprouted bread, lentils, brown rice, and living fats from avocado and salmon. These types of foods store up needed glycogen that will be used to sustain the body through the workout or race.

After the race, the body needs restoration and repair that comes through foods that contain natural fiber-filled sugars like apples, pears, beets, kiwi, plums, cashews, almonds, and fibrous vegetables that aid in breaking down proteins needed for recovery. Among the ideal vegetables and proteins are squash, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers; salmon, chicken, bison, turkey, and eggs, which nurture strained muscles for repair.

This healing recovery meal features fermented grains, beets, and leafy greens with coconut salad dressing.

Recovery Nutrition
Blackened Tempeh with Beets & Mixed Greens

Blackened Tempeh with Beet and Mixed Greens
(Serves 2)


•1 cup chopped beet greens
•1 cup chopped romaine lettuce
•1 cup mixed greens
•2 medium yellow, purple or white beets, sliced
•2 medium to large garlic cloves
•1 heaping Tbs mustard
•Juice of one lemon
•¼ cup coconut oil, plus 2 Tbs
•2 Tbs chopped fresh tarragon
•1½ tsp fresh ground black pepper
•2 Tbs nutritional yeast
•3 Tbs blackened seasoning
•2 4-ounce squares of tempeh

1. Toss beets, romaine lettuce, and mixed greens in a large mixing bowl. Heat a saucepan with enough water to cover beets and add a dash of sea salt. Bring to a boil, add beets and cook for 1 to ½ minutes. Drain and set aside to cool for 5 minutes then toss with greens.
2. In a mini-food processor, add garlic, mustard, lemon, ¼ cup of the coconut oil, tarragon, black pepper, and nutritional yeast. Pulse mixture until smooth. Use a rubber spatula to transfer mixture to a small saucepan. Heat over low heat just until melted, drizzle over greens and beets and toss to coat.
3. Gently press blackened seasoning onto tempeh. Heat remaining coconut oil in a medium skillet, add tempeh and brown on both sides until heated through, about 2 to 3 minutes on each side. To serve, divide greens among 2 plates and top with tempeh.

Nutrition Information
Serving Size: 4 oz tempeh, with 1½ cups dressed greens
383.4 calories, 20.2g carbs, 16.2g protein, 27.4g fat, 21.3g sat. fat, 6.5g fiber, 4,4g sugars, 880 mg sodium, 998.1 mg potassium

By Susan Irby, a.k.a The Bikini Chef