6 Fun Family Activities to Try ASAP

School’s out and summer is upon us. As a mom, I am ecstatic to have eight full weeks of fun with my little guy and husband. With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to get creative! Don’t be a couch-potato family this summer. There are endless opportunities to get active and make lasting memories!

1. Get Stepping
Simple outdoor walks or a trip to the zoo to check out the animals are great ways to increase your steps per day. Have a family FitBit challenge! Who can get the highest step count each day? Even a run to the mall to window shop will catapult your step count, get you out of the house, and amidst a change of scenery.

2. Obstacle Course
Create a fun obstacle course at the playground with the items there plus some cones, an agility ladder, jump rope, and hula hoop. Make it every man/ woman for themselves or a team effort and orchestrate how many skips, trips on the monkey bars, slide, hops, etc., they have to do to complete a round. Time them and give out medals. You can find inexpensive medals and trophies at Party City.

3. Did You Say Water Fight?!
Don’t have a pool? No problem! Head to your local toy store and get some balloons to fill with water or some water grenades and/or high-powered squirt guns! Play parents verse kids, pick bases, and have fun while you cool off!

4. Slip and Slide Kickball
Slip and slide kickball is the ultimate slip and slide game. You’ll need a tarp, hoses, environmentally friendly detergent like Dishmate, and kiddie pools for each of the bases. Make friendly bets to keep the competition alive like who will take the trash out the following week or who has to make dinner for the family – a healthy one of course!

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5. Dizzy Bat Races
In an open park (safety first), take turns spinning around with your forehead to the top of a baseball bat ten times and then race to the finish line. You will laugh so hard, and the kids will be going wild.


6. Bowling is BACK!
Family bowling night is coming back with a vengeance! With all of the special effects in alleys today, this is a sure-fire way to get the family excited and moving! If you are on a budget, mini bowling is much less expensive but just as action-packed. Mini bowling also gives younger kids the ability to grasp the ball and knock down pins like the adults.

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The family that plays together stays together! Connecting through play and laughter will strengthen your bond. Show your kids through actions how important getting outside and moving is for their health. Refuel with Max Muscle Nutrition protein cookies, a smoothie, or pancakes from the recipe section!

Happy Summer and Happy Father’s Day!

By Karey Northington