Take Body Recomposition To the Next Level


Here we are: right at the beginning of summer and it’s time to take inventory of where you’re at, physically. As much as we try to preach year-round health and fitness as a key message, we have to get real and still acknowledge the truth that this is the beginning of the time of year where most folks more seriously pay attention.

In the health world, it’s death, taxes, and getting right for summer. No amount of science can undo human nature and cultural trends, even if there are influences and feedback loops. That said, hopefully you’re at a point where you began dialing in your health long ago – at least January, right? Riiight? You’re on top of your fundamentals – diet, sleep, exercise, stress management, healthy environment, positive social life – but still looking for an edge?

The desire for the edge effect is where auxiliary tools like accessory exercises, biohacks, tips, and results-accelerating supplements come into play. On a supplemental level, if essentials like omega-3 fish oil, vitamin D, micronutrients, and probiotics represent a set of fundamentals, perhaps it’s time to go beyond to achieve the detail work in your physique remodeling process.  In other words, it’s time for MaxxTOR and MaxiCOR to drop a dose of lead foot onto that pedal as we head into summer.

What Is MaxiCOR?

MaxiCOR is a science-based solution for body recomposition acceleration when paired with physical exercise, including resistance training. MaxiCOR complements your hard work by accelerating your results. This unique formula combines the benefits of four carefully-selected ingredients, including fenugreek, berberine, bitter orange extract, and ashwagandha extract to facilitate your physique-polishing goals. These key ingredients are what drive the multi-factorial benefit of MaxiCOR, including the assistant effects on energy, focus, appetite supression, body recomp. (the build and burn effect), as well as fitness and athletic performance.

An 8-week study facilitated at Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas using the primary ingredient physiCOR™ found in MaxiCOR, netted results wherein test subjects gained an average of 3.9 lbs. of LBM (lean body mass) while concurrently dropping 3.8 lbs. of BFM (body fat mass). MaxiCOR also enhances fitness and performance. The same study featured measurable increases in muscle strength.

What Is MaxxTOR?

In short, MaxxTOR is all about gaining lean body mass and enhancing strength in both men and women. This potent lean body mass building tool and complementary strength enhancing formula has remained one of the most popular aces in the hole since its inception. The MaxxTOR formula is an exclusive combination of ingredients, including phosphatidic acid, leucine, HMB (beta-hydroxy-betamethylbutyrate), and the body’s master hormone, vitamin D. The resultant effect is the switch effect, an upregulation of the gene switch that regulates protein synthesis to potentiate your results!

The theory and science behind Dr. Philip Harvey’s creative prototyping of this blend has been further backed by the scientific community.  A 2013 8-week study conducted on trained individuals by the research team at the University of Tampa combined the effects of strength training with MaxxTOR’s key ingredient, a specific phosphatidic acid. The results were telling: ALL subjects gained lean body mass, lost fat, and saw increases in strength!

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What Will Taking These Do For My Fitness Goals?

Now we circle back to the bottom line. Do these work together and what can they do for your fitness? Both men and women can expect to compliment the results from their health and fitness regimen by adding MaxxTOR and MaxiCOR to their fundamentals. By stacking these two together for a period of focused nutrition for your physique polishing and overall fitness, you can fully support your body recomposition by adding lean body mass and dropping body fat, all the while complimenting performance! So if you’re at a place where you’re ready to take your results the extra mile, consider this unique nutrition system for a major step in the right direction!

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By Matt Cooper