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At the Max Muscle Nutrition store in Greeley, Colorado, people are creating better versions of themselves. Whether their goal is to lose weight, overcome depression, or even fight cancer, they are learning the immense value of fitness and proper nutrition.

From Yo-Yo Dieting To Nutrition Education

Nick Del Duca, 25
Stats: Lost 20 percent body fat
and 66 lbs.
Supplement Stack: Max BCAA and MaxPro Elite Natural Vanilla Nutrition
Tip: Eat the right amount – not too much, not too little.

For most of his life, Nick Del Duca considered himself to be heavy. The 25-year-old went through bouts of rapid, unhealthy weight loss by eating too little, followed by weight gain by eating too much. This up-and-down cycle finally ended when he started working with Tanya Christianson, a certified nutritionist with the Max Muscle Nutrition store in Greeley, Colorado.

“When I met Tanya I was near my heaviest weight ever and had horrible eating habits,” Del Duca said. “It was always in the back of my mind that I needed to lose the excess weight I had been gaining, but I never really understood how to lose weight properly and didn’t have anyone to encourage me to do so.”

Christianson gave Del Duca a nutrition education. He learned what is in the food he eats and how it affects his body. He now understands which meal choices to make and how much he should be eating, even when dining out. He limits his meals to one carb, one protein, and one fruit or vegetable. In between meals he eats high-protein snacks. Del Duca keeps his total calorie consumption each day to around 2,000.

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“The reason I struggled with my weight wasn’t because there was something wrong with my body or my genetics,” he said. “It was because I didn’t know what to eat and I didn’t know how much of each food group to consume. I was never taught a proper system or thought process to follow when picking meals or deciding what and when to eat throughout the day.”

For example, Del Duca said there’s a restaurant across the street from his work where he often goes to get tacos for lunch. In the past, he would order six tacos because they’re only $1 each. Now, he gets two tacos with extra meat. When eating a sandwich, he orders it with mustard instead of mayonnaise, eats only half the bun, and has a salad on the side instead of chips or onion rings.

In addition to eating healthier, Del Duca lifts weights three times a week. The combination amounts to a new lifestyle for him.

“Nick listened to everything I said and stuck to his plan 100 percent,” said Christianson. “I believe he was successful because he stayed consistent and created a routine that worked for him and his schedule.”

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