Weight Loss in Time for Wedding Bells 


Kaitlin Esparza recently enjoyed her dream wedding. With a gorgeous mountain setting in the backdrop, 28-year-old Kaitlin married the love of her life, Gilbert, and she did so wearing a size 14 wedding dress. For more than 10 years Kaitlin had struggled with her weight, but recently she lost 80 pounds and dropped five dress sizes. Here she shares her weight loss journey.

“I battled with my weight for many years,” Kaitlin said. “After Gilbert proposed, it got me back on track.” She stayed on track and then when she was ready to try on dresses, she said, “I could care less how the dress looked. I was just excited that it was a size 14.”

A resident of Greeley, Colorado, Kaitlin works as the director of social services for a nursing home. Her work is stressful yet rewarding as she must oversee the psychosocial wellbeing of 90 residents. Yet, Kaitlin stays devoted to the commitment she made to herself and to her health. She enlisted the help of her sister, Erin Brady, who owns the Max Muscle Nutrition Store in Greeley with her husband Ron Worley.

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“I have seen many success stories firsthand and in [Max Sports & Fitness magazine] from people who had Max Muscle help them,” Kaitlin said. “Everyone [at Max Muscle] is very supportive and knowledgeable. My sister, Erin, helped provide the resources I needed including a nutrition and supplement plan.”

Kaitlin meets with a Greeley Max Muscle staff nutrition coach weekly for personalized meal plans that include six meals per day to keep her metabolism high. Meals are focused around high protein and low carbohydrates with healthy fats included. Even when she feels discouraged by dietary restrictions or repetitive meals, Kaitlin sticks with it because she sees the positive results.

“Before this, I had a lack of knowledge about eating the right things. Now I know how important food choices are and I learned to never give up.”

“Before this, I had a lack of knowledge about eating the right things,” Kaitlin said. “Now I know how important food choices are and I learned to never give up.”

She works out four to five days per week doing circuit training. Each day is a different workout, a mix of weights and cardio for about 45 minutes. She adds an elliptical workout when she can at the gym at her work. Initially, Kaitlin’s exercise routine consisted almost entirely of cardio, but she learned the importance of adding weight training.

“The more you weight lift, the more muscle you’re going to gain and then you will burn more calories,” she said.

Kaitlin said she feels much more active and confident now since her weight loss, and notices that people treat her better. Her husband Gilbert has remained a positive force of encouragement though he never criticized her weight in the past. Mostly, Gilbert wants his wife to be healthy. The two newlyweds just learned they are expecting a baby—all the more incentive to take care of their health and wellness.

As for Erin, she is proud of her sister for working hard to maximize her body’s abilities and overcome every obstacle along the way. Erin was thrilled to support her sister and she was joined in that effort by Kaitlin’s friends and family and the entire Greeley Max Muscle team.

“The decision to lose weight and change your lifestyle is difficult and I am so glad Kaitlin trusted Max Muscle to help her on her journey,” Erin said. “Kaitlin has a big heart and has always been strong so I knew she could crush every goal she set for herself.”

Kaitlin’s Max Muscle’s Supplement Stack

Typical Meal Plan

Breakfast: 3 or 4 eggs, half a cup of oatmeal, 13 almonds, half of an apple or orange

Snack: Two rice cakes and a teaspoon of peanut butter

Lunch: 4 ounces of chicken or beef, a cup of veggies (carrots or salad), and 16 wheat thins

Snack: Low-carb yogurt

Dinner: 4 ounces of hamburger meat with spaghetti squash and spaghetti sauce

Before Bed: Protein shake

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By Jessica Wyland