Hey Joe: What is Whey Protein and Should I Be Taking It?


When it comes to protein supplementation, it seems that we often hear about whey protein. Of course there are dozens of other choices, especially if you are a vegetarian. (Since whey protein is a derivative of milk, vegetarians will prefer other sources such as pea, hemp, or soy.) The basic reason why whey is so popular is it is very close in molecular structure to that of mother’s milk. This also makes it rank very high in terms of human bioavailability.

Whey protein is absorbed very quickly because its molecular structure is shorter than others, thus making digestion much easier. Also, without getting into too much detail, whey protein has been shown in studies to be beneficial for blood sugar levels, depression, blood pressure, and more.

Earlier I mentioned that whey was a derivative of milk. There are two main sources of protein in milk. One is whey and the other is casein. Whey digests faster and easier than casein, and that’s why it rates so highly in terms of human bioavailability.

At one time, whey was considered a waste product. It had very low protein content (about 17 percent) and very high sugar/lactose content and was considered a by-product of cheese manufacturing. Technology soon evolved and we are now able to concentrate whey, or separate it from, the sugar and lactose. Instead of whey being 17 percent protein, it is now concentrated at 70-80 percent. When isolated, it will exceed 90 percent protein.

So now because of whey protein’s high bioavailability and the fact that it is concentrated to exceed the potency of many other protein nutrients, it has catapulted to the top of the protein food chain. Whey is the number one source of protein to manufacture supplements with!

I have been working with whey protein supplementation for the past 30 years. I have seen the evolution of whey proteins that tasted chalky and horrible and formed gooey clumps when mixing them. I am proud to say that we at Max Muscle Nutrition have helped the entire whey protein market evolve to its present state.

Over the years we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development of supplement proteins for athletes. We have formulated whey products that finally blended easy with a spoon and tasted delicious while supplying a powerful dose of high quality whey protein with low carbohydrates and fats. We were also testing our whey proteins for potency 20 years before it was required by law.

The bottom line here is that we at Max Muscle are experts on whey protein. We have developed some of the finest and purest whey proteins and whey protein blends in the marketplace. We have strong testing procedures and a PhD in Dr. Phil Harvey, who is our head of product development, making sure we are a leader in the industry.

You as the consumer can feel 100 percent confident that when you purchase any protein product from Max Muscle, you have the finest protein available. Stop by your local Max Muscle Nutrition store and let our Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches get you started with a great whey or any other type of protein product.