Wounded Veteran Found Recovery Help From These Three Supplements


Max Muscle Nutrition and its products can dramatically help men and women currently serving or who have served in our military with quality nutritional products. A great example of this is Dan Prigge, 29.

Dan served in the U.S. Army for 9 years and 4 months. He did three separate deployments and is the recipient of two purple hearts. Today, he owns and runs a successful Max Muscle Nutrition store in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It opened on August 19th.

His story is inspiring to say the least, and the amount of recovery, hard work, and time that this man has had to invest is beyond anything most of us can imagine. According to Dan, Max Muscle Nutrition and its products played a significant part in his recovery.

Finding Max Muscle

In April 2011, Dan walked into a Max Muscle store in North Carolina while he was on leave between deployments. One of his friends from overseas had recommended he go. Bill Porter, a retired veteran who served in Vietnam, is the owner. Dan said, “In the veteran community, if we tell each other someone is a veteran and owns a business and they go that extra mile for people, we make sure we show our support.”

Dan purchased three different supplements on his first visit: MaxPro Elite, 2TX, and GlutaMatrix. Bill said he would ship them overseas so Dan could get them in Iraq.

All Blown Up

Dan went back to Iraq on April 20, 2011. About two weeks later, on May 3, three roadside bombs and an RPG significantly injured Dan, leaving him with extremely serious injuries. He suffered left hemiparesis, a shifted spine, extensive ligament damage in both knees, right eye blindness, intestinal damage, and brain trauma.

His package from Max Muscle arrived the same day he was injured. But because he couldn’t eat or drink for 72 hours while in the ICU and because he was on a feeding tube, the doctors said no supplements. So, he gave the products away. He was transferred to Germany for more medical work before being routed back to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina.

After returning to North Carolina in June 2011, Dan went by Max Muscle to tell Bill all that had happened. Bill gave him 2TX, GlutaMatrix, and MaxPro Elite free of charge because he felt these products would help Dan recover faster from his injuries. Here’s why.

Supplement Support

2Tx: Dan’s brain injury left him producing zero testosterone. He got testosterone shots for a while, but they weren’t doing anything, he said. Bill explained to Dan that Max Muscle’s elite formula 2TX naturally helps boost and regulate testosterone levels by optimizing circulating free and bio-available testosterone. 2Tx maximizes muscle growth, strength, and recovery as well.

Dan’s testosterone levels rose to 300 after taking 2Tx. Today, they are around 700. He takes Max ZMA at night as well to help with testosterone levels.

GlutaMatrix: Dan’s injuries left him with severe tremors in his head and arms. So much so that Bill could see Dan’s arms shaking. “My shoulders were really sore because they were always moving,” Dan explained. Bill told him GlutaMatrix would help with the soreness, and it did! “GlutaMatrix really helped with muscle recovery from using my shoulder muscles all the time,” Dan said.

GlutaMatrix contains three different sources of the recovery amino acid glutamine. This amino acid is soluble and stable so it is delivered efficiently and effectively to skeletal muscles and other body tissues. GlutaMatrix helps to increase the rate of recovery, supports healthy immune function, and supports the natural production of human growth hormone.

MaxPro Elite: A quality protein like MaxPro Elite can also help with muscle recovery, but for Dan, it really helped to be able to drink a protein shake. “It was hard to eat and keep food down,” he said of his recovery process. “Plus, not walking, you put on the weight.” (Dan couldn’t walk for 15 months and endured six surgeries on his legs).

MaxPro Elite is a special protein for several reasons. In a single serving, it delivers 30 grams of a superior protein sourced from whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, potassium caseinate, and micellar casein. In addition to the quality protein, it also offers 6.6g BCAAs and 4.4g glutamine for additional recovery. MaxPro Elite helped Dan sustain and increase his lean muscle mass throughout recovery and therapy.

It took Dan about 5 years to recover. He endured 39 surgeries in all. He also went through several months of traumatic brain injury rehab and had to relearn how to walk and better his motor skills. During this time, he earned his second purple heart for injuries sustained in battle. But he could no longer return to active duty, so he began looking for other avenues.

From Soldier to Max Muscle Franchisee

The military created a program to help soldiers like Dan transition back into civilian life through an internship. Dan was drawn back to Max Muscle North Carolina to work side by side with Bill Porter. Bill showed Dan everything that he needed to know about nutrition and supplementation and then Dan was offered an opportunity to run a Max Muscle store of his own in Green Bay. Dan jumped on the opportunity.

Before moving, Dan gave Bill one of his purple hearts as an act of the deepest gratitude. “I gave it to him as a gift for being there for me every step of the way,” Dan said. “To show love and respect for someone that went above and beyond to help me out during the worst time in my life.” Today, that purple heart is framed and hanging in Bill’s Max Muscle in North Carolina.

As Max Muscle franchisee, Dan deals with a lot of police officers, fire fighters, football players (he is one mile from Lambeau Field), and nurses. When someone comes in with an injury, he tells them what he has been through. “If they see how hard I pushed through it, that helps them see that they can fight and get through their injuries, too,” he said.

When asked why military men and women should consider becoming a Max Muscle franchisee, Dan said, “The military is all about brotherhood and family. Max Muscle has the same mentality. Whatever your job title is in the military, Max Muscle has an avenue that will fit every need.”

By Brian Missirlian

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